Win-Win Products

What are Win-Win products?

These are products and services that full fill at least 3 of the 5 cardinal principles of winwineconomics360.

Cardinal Principles

1. W1:
Quality, designs and overall product experience that is comparable to leading national and international brands, ensuring the very high probability of achieving customer delight.

2. W2:

These products follow fair pricing as opposed to very low pricing that leads to exploitation and disruption in the supply chain or as against high prices just to create a false perception of exclusivity.

3. W3:
The production means is natural and environment-friendly leading to significant optimisation of Earth’s resources. Alternately the products support natural wellness, earth-friendly and sustainable lifestyles.

4. W4:
The products are made following principles of inclusive growth and fair equity that ensure that capital contributor has not subsumed the fair returns expected on human labour. For example products from a producer company, Fair Trade suppliers etc

5. W5:
All or very large portions of the profits from the sale of the product go towards promoting causes that promote peace, harmony amongst living creatures, universal brotherhood in the society.

Something for the perennial bargain hunter:
For those of you who are looking for a deal on price and also looking to buy win-win products then you need to visit our sales section. These sales occur as a result of a promotional effort or an effort to roll on the supplier inventory faster but never compromising the principles of Winwineconomincs360.

Those who are registered with us get information upon the listing of any win-win product and also about any new listing in the sales section.

Registered members can engage with us to offer their products for review. If the products qualify as per the principles of win-win economics and if our commercial terms are acceptable, then we will list them for sales here.

Our aspiration is to help our registered product suppliers qualify for all the 5 Ws. The challenge of our business efforts will be to deal in all or most products that qualify all the 5W 's. The 3W rating is just a start.....