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A unique Men's kurta that is a hybrid between a casual shirt and a short kurta. The fabric is pure cotton. The product is rated as W1 + W2 + W5. The product is SOLD by SHPT, Chennai. The cause that it supports is the heartfulness movement. The entire profit is used for spreading a heartfulness meditation throughout the Globe.

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Life Style Products

This high-quality coffee mug sold by SHPT, Chennai. This product is rated W1 + W2 + W3 = 3w. The entire profit from this sale goes towards funding the spread of the heartfulness movement throughout the globe.

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These are rooftop solar solutions being sold by company XYZ  are not only durable and performance centric but also being sold and installed at very fair price. Do not miss the opportunity to Go Green. Moreover, 10% of the sales value of this product goes as a contribution to ABC.

This product satisfies W1 + W2 + W3+ W5 criterion of winwineconominc360 and can be rated as a 4W product.

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Imagine a time with scarce water and scarce top soil and mouths to feed. Lear the art of growing greens, fruits and veggies in your backyard using hydroponics and aeroponics. The issue today, especially in India is genuineness of service, warm handholding and high probability of results. We have done the curation for you As a joyful bonus, a very large section of the profits of this sale goes towards supporting cause....

This product offering passes the test of W1 + W2 + W3+ W5; We rate this product 4W.

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These vacuum cups are an offering our health and wellness category and can are to be used as part of an ancient Chinese wellness therapy. Along with the product which has been rated for quality and the appropriate price, we offer you a video download on how best you can utilise these cups for rejuvenation. A user manual in Egnlish comes free along with the product. The product rating is W1 + W2 + W3 = 3W.

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