Causes Supported

Many of the products that we promote and sell tagged as W5 are from reputed NGO's/Charitable Institutes who run a product merchandising operation and ensure all the profits made go towards a serving a noble cause permitted by their charter. Some of the W5 tagged products that you buy are also from other suppliers who contribute to these causes by ensuring a substantial part of the profits from the sale go towards funding these causes.

See below list of causes we support.....


Name of the Cause:

Sahaj Marg Spirituality Movement

Represented By      :

The Heartfulness Institute, India

Objective                  :

This movement has envisioned for itself the noble work of raising the spiritual consciousness of humanity through the practice of meditation. The practice of meditation is propagated free in the world. It utilises its funds amongst other things to create infrastructure to support and teach meditation, free training and empowerment of teachers in the area of value education, free in-house scholarship programs for participants to attend from far and wide etc

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