About Us

We are a team of people inspired by the idea that the effectiveness of human life lies in the manifestation of one very important principle – “Balance”. We believe a material orientation must be balanced by a spiritual orientation; needs of development need to be balanced with those of the environment;  efforts to full fill our own needs and wants need to be balanced with efforts oriented to help others. In our opinion, extreme positions do not lead to the individual nor world welfare.

This is a socio- economic venture birthed through me in the year 2017, the idea of which was seeded in my heart by my spiritual guide Pujya Sri P. Rajagopalachari in the year 2006. He gave a call to all his youth to serve in whatever profession they chose to took up in their life. After many years of struggle as to how to achieve this using business as a means, I at last found a way to full fill in a  small way my Gurudakshina to Him. After a life dedicated to unconditional love and selfless action, he attained Mahasamadhi on 2oth December 2014. This light is now carried forward by his spiritual representative Rev. Kamlesh Patel also affectionately called Daaji.

Our core team comprises of similarly inspired people primarily from a spiritual organisation called Sri Ram Chandra Mission, which now reaches out its message and spiritual service to the world by the name Heartfulness. The team has the necessary professional expertise and credentials to make this project a grand success, a true win-win.

This is venture completely owned and managed by a commercial private entity. Click here to get in touch with us.